Lundi 09 mai 2011

Double conic rotary vacuum drying machine

Hangzhou JINZHU Machinery Co. Ltd is located in nanjing city -- the cutting machine prosperity in China, is the pharmacy, chemical machinery industry key enterprises. The main products are ten seven classes, more than 80 are the mechtronie product. The company's main products: efficient coating machine spray drying machine car oven split type refrigerator efficient crusher 3d mixer two- dimensional mixer doule cone vacuum drying machines grinding car resistance furnace tunnel oven curing furnace vacuum drying oven. Pharmaceutical equipment is mainly used for ShuiZhen, oral liquid and plenty licensing injection, tablet, big transfusion production line with, the collection scientific research, the production as a whole, according to the customer's different need to design, manufacture products. The company existing SZG series doule cone rotary vacuum drying machine, it is set in one mixed - dry new drying machine, advanced design, the inner structure is simple, clean easy, material can be taken out entirely, easy operation.

Double conic cyclotron vacuum drying machine
Double conic rotary vacuum drying machine
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Doublecutting machine rotary vacuum drying machine model: SZG series doule cone rotary vacuum drying machine
Double conic rotary vacuum drying machine profile:
Double conic rotary vacuum drying machine is set in one mixed - dry new drying machine. The condenser, vacuum pump and drying equipment, composition vacuum drying equipment. (such as the solvent to be recovered, condenser can need not) the machine is advanced in designing, the inner structure is simple, clean easy, material can be taken out entirely, easy operation. Can reduce the labor intensity to improve the working environment. At the same time because container itself when turning material container material also rotating but not accumulate material, so heat transfer coefficient is higher, drying rate, not only to save energy, large and material, quality and uniform fully dry. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye etc drying machine. Drug regulatory "with the requirements of GMP.
Double conic rotary vacuum drying machine USES:
This machine is suitable to the medicine, food, chemical industry and powder, particulate material vacuum drying and mixed, especially for the following requirements material: 1, cannot accept high thermal sensitive material; 2, easy oxidation, a dangerous materials; Three, to be recovered solvents and poisonous gases materials; 4, requirements residual volatiles very low levels of material; 5, requirements, homogeneous material mixed fully.
Double conic rotary vacuum drying washing machine working principle:
SZG series doule cone rotary vacuum drying machine for double taper turning the body tank tank stainless steel or carbon steel, glass lining mustn (industrial enamel) is made. Clip set of ventilation with steam and hot water for the tank, heat, heat through the bladder wall transmission to wet material, make wet materials, the water gasification unceasingly through pumping water tank trachea was siphoned off in a vacuum condition, and accelerate the material the drying process. Tanks low-speed rotation, materials and internal and external flipping change constantly, heating, achieve finally uniform roasting machine purpose.

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Mercredi 04 mai 2011

The main cause for malignant

Eight years ago, reporter received task to cast a screen printing machines, hengyang interview sit on "priests" punchinello car will run. The garage to xiangtan, listen to the territory of a car boom noise, and then the car followed up, and slowly hang on. We haven't come to his senses, punchinello has parked on the road to get off, look dignified shoulder examination. "What's wrong? What's wrong?" Everyone eagerly asked, "okay, okay, explode a child." He speaks calmly, but can not hide left afraid and rejoice.
"130 kilometres per hour, if it is a less experience driver, you guys probably all pensioned off." A few years later, a colleague said the driving experience. Glad
A blowout, is to use a qualified tires also happen from time to tome, if luck with inferior tyres, or graph womb, insist to use money likely illness multiplied. Meet a blowout, calming protective sleeves, no is AD cool-headed attitude, the following content were all just theory:
A high-speed, if cars flat tire is good diesel generator, but the car under the basic meeting shook. Then, good control of the direction, trying to slow the vehicle can be stopped at security zone.
Front tyres explosion caused the accident is the main cause for malignant, not only cars will vibrate and tilt, and happened by a steering wheel will suddenly very forces pulled into stock at the other side of the blowout. At this moment, need to fully control the steering wheel, slightly negligence, will lead to vehicle on the road do 360-degree spin.
Need special remind is, brake in cars are playing a "become also defeated also respectively secretary general" character, respectively secretary owners meet emergencies, the first time thought is the brake, it normally is applicable.
But if it is a flat tire front tire, a foot pedal brake elderly may arise from. After finish gas discharge for tyres for, and the combination of steel wheel becoming very loose, tires contact pavement deformation and the parts, plus the brakes from steel, flat tire side of the wheels, slowing for resistance, easy to halt faster, killing rims and tyre thoroughly from. But on the other side of the wheels, might not corresponding braked continued advance, this is like diesel generator man suddenly forced to kneel down a leg, cause car happened back.
Therefore, a flat tire front tire, decelerate can only use engine traction, the manual car can block from five gear, four more level directly into the next block, hang down gradually again until hangs in a block. The owner of the open automatic-shift tend to forget the existence of stick shift, when also can hang into low-speed block slowing down. Enough to rein in such speed to when clicking again stationary vehicle braking will completely
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China nuclear power

China nuclear power For a very long time, Chinese screen printing machine research institute (hereinafter referred to as npic)) is almost in the field of nuclear reactor design and development only protagonist. But subject to the parent company of institute of nuclear group, the actual role and it should have won own. Npic) therefore tried to establish specialized company free undertake reactor design contract, to build China Westinghouse, but choke.
Site is located in the southwest npic) from chengdu in sichuan province, more than one hour drive, and other a mysterious background research institute, which is located in a same TiaoShan ditch. In the 1960s, thousands of engineers here in closed mountains completed China's first generation of nuclear power of development.
"Nuclear reactor by the r&d is derived and nuclear power pile of technology, all global nuclear power technology are so." Beijing university professor of school of government woguo told the Chinese entrepreneurs ". From the 1980s began "military turn civilian" days, npic) naturally began its nuclear journey.
Although npic) is a nuclear groups screen printing machineunits, but as almost the only have nuclear power of test platform based and research institute, but let was "duopoly" - widely in the nucleus with nuclear neither party can leave it. Whether independent development of technology of nuclear CNP1000, still widely nuclear introduction of independent innovation, are CPR1000 technology npic) results.
But, although have the technical npic), but not protagonist. It CNP1000 role in the development process has been repeated transform, do not have adequate support.
And "boss" strategic tit-for-tat nuclear group npic) have been, in considering a professional companies. In early 2005, when the UV machine) dean is approved a set of NSSS company with relevant topics. That same year, npic) established NSSS company/issue, and once and French law established the company manasseh by yourself absolutely holding talks of the joint venture company. But in the delegation npic) organization in France, prepared before signing the action was halted in nuclear groupThis recruit to curb widely nuclear group, let the latter in project development under two yuan more such support. But, two court but is the comprehensive nuclear programs such as designing institute,not involve reactor core technologies, it is difficult to move in nuclear threat wide. The above industry insiders revealed, in this case, already considered at nuclear group in the core resources npic) will put into the China nuclear engineering Co.,
According to an insider, CNP1000 originally introduced by npic) leading, afterwards but because of high perceived nuclear group research institute (728 Shanghai nuclear programs have negative emotions, the latter overall responsible for and delivered. Back then, 728 courtyard still belongs to nuclear group, but already in the digest imported the Westinghouse AP1000 technology in the CNP1000 scheme, so the Westinghouse AP1000 added many of the elements. The synthetic scheme did not receive the good effect, then, 728 court delimit from nuclear group to countries CNP1000 skill, the design of nuclear returned again, and regression npic) the original plan. "Turn a circle, almost and fell back." The industry insiders said.
Not only can't protagonist, metal machine) (a court) and loss danger of supporting qualification. The above industry insiders revealed, when the group manager in KangRiXin even nuclear reactor design to integrate npic) business. "From his perspective, control in this business, to realize the strategic nuclear power development nuclear group."
In December 2007, the two nuclear group integration courtyard, four courtyard and five yuan, restructured into the main business of China's nuclear power engineering Co., LTD.
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Lundi 18 avril 2011

Technical equipment exhibition

Vietnam specifications and biggest skid steer loader international coal mining industry event "2011 international coal mining technology Hanoi equipment exhibition in the 2011 coal mining industry - high-level summit &housewares: the 20th Olympic Hanoi international industry product exhibition exhibition date: 2011 on October 19 - October 22, an annual exhibition period: exhibition area: 3.2 million square meters and exhibition business: 1,000 time signing up: until 2011 - September 30, exhibition location: Hanoi JiangWu international conference and exhibition center sponsors: Vietnam GongMaoBu, Vietnam plans TouZiBu, Vietnam energy association, Vietnam mining association unit: Vietnam bohai.and public investment development corporation, Vietnam coal corporation (VINACOMIN), Vietnam coal and mineral industry group (TKV) Vietnam oil group, Vietnam electricity group, Vietnam environmental resources, Vietnam chamber contractors: in Hanoi trade promotion board, Vietnam GongMaoBu - VINEXAD exhibition and advertising company support unit of the ministry of construction and the ministry of Vietnam: Vietnam, Vietnam ministry of science and technology, Vietnam trade promotion board, Vietnam embassy each relevant government ministries by Vietnam, associations, economic organizations unit, Vietnam socialist republic consulate general in nanning designated 13000 square meter unit: China guangxi nanning hon more exhibition services Co., LTD. Why do you choose to Vietnam?
China-asean free trade skid steer loader had built zero tariff, China, products with asean leaders -- a have 20 million consumers, 4.5 trillion dollars trade amount, $6 trillion huge market of GDP after North America, the European Union, the world's third-largest free trade area, unlimited business opportunities on your side!
Vietnam is products enter China took the asean market, and the most important channel wastelands.she
Second-ranking Vietnam economy has developed at high speed
Second-ranking abundant energy and coal resources
A new large-scale production and Washington investment projects, thus increasing fast will start for energy coal industry technology and mechanical demand
Second-ranking to prosper, and coal industry is the demand to soar
Vietnam has become one low cost itself, high-quality industrial center located in Indochina market background Vietnam, east and south facing east and south China sea, north and beibu conterminous, yunnan, guangxi of China west and Laos and Cambodia, neighbour. Land area 33 million square kilometers, with a population of eight thousand nine million, in recent years, Vietnam rapid economic development. Vietnam has proven coal total more than 220 million tons, and varieties, quality is good. wheel loader is the most important energy resources in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government is committed to develop coal industry, robust economic growth to boosting Vietnam coal industry unprecedented development, Vietnam is strong increase coal mining dynamics, and satisfy their needs and large-scale exportation bringing in foreign exchange income. Vietnam coal which have been exported to the world to 20 countries and regions, including China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, India and some European Union members. Vietnam's coal has a history of over 100 years, many coal and coal mechanization modernization degree is not high need to rebuild or update wheel loader to improve production capacity satisfy body is target. Vietnam's coal mine machinery rely mainly on the imported products, including China is fit for the Vietnam national conditions, can occupy a share, has been Vietnam and trusted coal industry widely, China mining machinery and equipment, safety equipment and technology, powder processing equipment, and clean-coal processing equipment and other products export Vietnam prospect. Relying on the china-asean free trade area unique advantageous geographical location, many domestic manufacturer also by attending each big related exhibition of emerging markets expand Vietnam this into the asean market, preparing. "The 2011 international coal mining Hanoi technical equipment exhibition" will become domestic manufacturers key to open Vietnam markets, welcome the national manufacturers participate in Vietnam, entering in, asean. Schedule (note: specific itinerary and the activities arranged in 15 days before departure notice!) October 17: in guangxi nanning check-in; 18 October: starting from nanning to transit planning and Hanoi; October 19: participate in the exhibition opening, participation; October 20-21: exhibitors and take relevant business activities; October 22: morning, afternoon show; the withdrawal October 23, backhoe loader port returns: after living nanning; later nanning, October 24: after breakfast the whole scattered regiment, the exhibition ended.
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Machinery industry sales

Machinery industry sales launch x431 diagun implemented last year, the record year-on-year growth 34.26% sales value. As the industry leader, machinery the performance of listed company last year, sales forecast of pag also has 30% net profit double. This gave shareholders high expectations of distribution.
Data shows, published performance express 22 home machinery industry company, total realize the parent company shareholder belongs 28.83 million yuan net 21.83 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase 32.1%.
Just published 103 home machinery company's performance forecast shows that have 84 companies expected growth performance above 10%, only 19 company performance declined. Earnings growth rate in more than 100%, accounted for 32 companies than 31%.
Recent data show that the industry released the 2010 launch x432 diagun sales value completed 140593.66 billion yuan, an increase of 34.26% year-on-year increase, growth 18.15 percentage points. Including engineering machinery and machine tool industry production and sales growth is outstanding, 48.09% and 40.95% respectively year-on-year growth rate more than the previous year, both 23 percent increase.
Engineering machinery, mining, spade soil transportation machinery products kept fast growth, including growth faster is excavator and loaders, an increase of more than 45%. Growth lower concrete machinery also remain at 9%.
In the national agricultural auto key programmer, under the action of main farm machinery products output is growing rapidly, large tractor, field of mechanical and food processing machinery homework more than 30%, especially the increase in food processing machinery is growing rapidly, 50.88% year-on-year.
The industry rapid growth without doubt. The attention of annual has two: increase and high allocation.
High-growth natural gave shareholders delivery expectations. In fact, some machinery company always more positive on dividends. Already announced the jiangte motor (annual reports 002176), oceans 002249) and motor (ChangLin shares (600710) are introduced annual bonus plan. Including jiangte motor 8 to 10 send sent to 30k yuan, dayang motor 10 pie 2.8 yuan.
Growth to slow this year
Analysts expect, mechanical industrial economy operation expected 2011 production and marketing a year-on-year growth of around 15 percent to realize.
From the favorable factors look, MB star overall economy operation environment is good, the energy conservation, environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, and other seven strategic emerging industry development planning in full swing will bring a large industrial upgrading project start construction. The 2011 global economy began gradually picks up, foreign trade market, the overall situation of restorative growth appears no worse than 2010.
From unfavorable factors look, mechanical enterprises for independent internal growth momentum remains to be strengthened; Investment growth, the investment demand to begin descending optimistic; RMB overall still rising, mechanical product imports will continue to high growth.
An adviser ZhangYanLin points out, although director of real estate and infrastructure growth in 2011 is big probability events decline, but security room construction, the acceleration of urbanization or will be new investment opportunities of mechanical industry.
Real estate investment is expected 2011 will be maintained between in 21% to 28%. Real estate investment growth will help ensure engineering machinery sales remain high in the absolute level.
In engineering telehandler main products, concrete machinery enterprises most optimistic sales for 2011. Concrete mechanical demand was not only affected by real estate and infrastructure investment in fixed assets, but also by driving the rapid popularization ready-mixed concrete machinery pulling. The concrete machinery enterprises are mainstream expected 2011 concrete machinery sales year-on-year increase by more than 50% to.
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Vendredi 15 avril 2011

Engineering machinery industry

Therefore, most engineering machinery company this year have arranged expansionary investment plan. Mansion work plan 2011 capital demand shares about 57 billion yuan, including 37 million yuan; liquidity Expected 2011 capital investment about 1.6 billion yuan. Liugong is expected to 2011 seniority
Xugong is mainly aimed at driving, jaw crusher, intelligent control, energy conservation and environmental protection, structural strength analysis, new materials, new technology experimental research and the test technology, in mechanical engineering, foundation research and common core technology, key technology lead position.
Mansion work plan 2011 shares to raise funds about 21.65 billion yuan and to excavator 15000 units production capacity technical renovation programs and mansion work machinery (coke) Co., LTD, technical extension project phase.
Capacity expansion and upgrade technology has become the strategic focus of engineering machinery company.
Analysts, engineering machinery future crusher pattern will be: industry concentration continue improving; The market competition steering technology, quality, service competition; Independent innovation has been strengthened; More attention to key parts research, technology investment has been strengthened. Therefore, to adjust and transformation, innovation, upgrade will become domestic construction machinery industry development is thematic.
The annual report already disclosure of engineering machinery of listed corporations are expected this year income can maintain steady and rapid growth. Xugong plan 2011 realize the total business income 352 billion yuan, the 252.14 billion yuan more than last year growth 39%. Liugong plan 2011 achieved sales revenue of $23 billion, this will than company 2010 revenue growth 153.66 billion yuan to 49%.
China construction machinery industry association, the next five years are expected to domestic construction machinery market will continue to rise, the market years growth of about 17 percent.
Engineering machinery: expansion and upgrades
Although the industry analysts expect this year crusher will slow pace, but unexpectedly last year after a record sales this year, mechanical enterprises are still confident of double-digit growth, and therefore expansion capacity.
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